Owners Daniel and Jennifer Klein combined all of their talents and interests, mixed in copious amounts of energy and enthusiasm, stirred with a tentative, yet excited smile, and Voila... Cake and the Beanstalk was born!

Dan is the day-to-day heart and soul of the bakery cafe. He has always had a passion for creating incredible baked goods, dating back to childhood memories of baking for the holidays with his mom and grandma. He earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Penn State University and then moved to
Center City Philadelphia, where he worked in some of the best pastry kitchens in the city: Striped Bass, Circa, Morimoto, and Le Bec Fin. He then went on to spend several more years working in the front of the house, in restaurants like Twenty21, City Tavern, and the Moshulu. He always dreamed of having his own place to produce his desserts and provide impeccable service with a smile. When the opportunity came up to open a bakery cafe at 1112 Locust Street it was simply too good to pass up.

Jenn was flailing her arms on the side and vaguely stomping her foot as it was a mere four months from their impending wedding, but she also acknowledged that an incredible opportunity lay in front of them. Jenn, a Kindergarten teacher in Center City, brought her own touches to the physical space and blossoming business plan, and soon... they were in business AND married!

Cake and the Beanstalk opened on March 1, 2011. The name was chosen to meld the concepts of Cake and Coffee (the beans of the Beanstalk) and coordinate with the shop’s amazing location overlooking Sartain Community Garden. Dan bakes all of the desserts in house (right behind the counter!) and manages all of the day to day operations of the cafe. Jenn is the cake decorator, cafe decorator, and Story Time host extraordinaire. In the summer, and on any and all major holidays, you may just catch them behind the counter together. As Dan always says, “I make it taste good, Jenn makes it look good!” They truly love what they do and feel so blessed to have such a fun business with fantastic customers.